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As we creep back into this blog and quietly shut the door behind us after all of this time off it reminds me of the episode of Good Times where Penny came home late from school and was confronted by her mother asking "Penny where you been, penny where you been." And although it didn't really work for her, I'll offer the same answer that we too were with J.J. 

Whats going on people, and welcome back to another Debonair Style Blog. We've been gone for quite some time, 71 days to be exact and I must say I've missed blogging and the outlet it provides us to let you explore the inside of our minds as the creators of this amazing business. In the past two months we have been a part of so many dope things and have even re-branded our subscription box name. Now known by the name of Debonair Style, our subscription box still offers a monthly curated look for an affordable price which as of today is only $10 ! 

To fill you in some of what we have been doing is liquidating much of our old inventory, and starting to move to more seasonal looks to make sure that we can keep you not only within your budget, but stylish all year around with fabrics and colors that are sure to keep you on the good side of those fashion conversations. So if you aren't quite sold on the subscription box, stay tuned in to our blog and our newsletter for our new product launches that you can grab for you or a loved one. 

So I know you may be thinking "Well that's cool but what else?" 

We have been forging and working on many partnerships with some pretty amazing companies to expand our product offerings for you including the much anticipated Women's subscription box that I can assure you we are working diligently on. (More to come on this)  Part of those partnerships was one where we did a pop up event At the Black Owned Market NYC better known as the BOM, located in the middle of Manhattan that was personally for me the best experience that I have had with this company since it's inception roughly 16 months ago. I'm not going to get into the experience and the "Knitty Gritty" now but stay tuned to next's week blog for the details on that. Some other dope people and business we have been planning with for the future include" 

- Bowtie Billionaire 

- Herb N Eden 

- SkinButtr

- Tough Love Web Series 

- CRWN Magazine 

- Digital Bodega 

And so many more... 

With all that being said, that's all I have for you guys this week. We just wanted to give you all a look into the work we have been doing on your behalf as our loyal customers to create the best company with the best products on the market. If you have any suggestions for us or know of a great business we should work with feel free to drop us a line at (Info@gandcoapparel.com).  As always check out our amazing website here, Check out the August subscription Box here, and follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook and as always Peace and blessings. 



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  • GIovanni MIlling on

    Can’t wait to see what’s new, there are a lot of new changes I see you have my full support and will be purchasing more this fall season.

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