The Lapel Pin: A Great Way to Style Your Jacket

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What's good folks, William Dennis here! I hope that you had a well-rested weekend and are ready to tackle the week! 

I wanted to take this time to discuss an accessory that is a great compliment to any attire, the lapel pin. For those that are subscribers to our Noire Style Boxes (thank you by the way!), you notice that every box includes a lapel pin. Before I dive into the purpose, design, and practicalities of wearing lapel pins, let’s discuss what a lapel pin actually is.

A lapel pin is a small pin typically worn on the lapel of a jacket. Lapel pins are predominantly decorative and have no distinct purpose, but in some instances can indicate the wearer’s affiliation with an organization or cause.

The lapel pin is also a men’s fashion staple. A classic look that can also be used to show off your individual style and add detailing to a great suit or blazer. Here at G+Co Apparel, we think the lapel pin is the perfect way to combine a timeless, dapper look with a shot of modern styling and class. Choosing the right lapel pin to add texture to your look without overpowering it is a delicate balance. The lapel pin should compliment and not take away from the rest of your outfit. 

Lapel Pins come in a wide array of designs and choosing the perfect pin for your outfit or style comes down to both personal preference and the look you want to achieve. The classic lapel pin is a floral design worn either as part of a groomsman outfit or in smaller styles for an elegant addition to a formal or semi-formal look. For a vintage finish, you can choose a metal design in a slighter form, this is a great way to add a subtle lift to a business suit. The best thing about lapel pins is that the array of designs are almost endless, so pick a pin that resonates with you.

       An example of a traditional lapel pin (top) and a metallic lapel pin (bottom)

 How To Pin

The lapel pin generally goes on the left lapel on the jacket, slightly under the collar point. It should be attached so that it sits flat against the lapel, will not rotate, move or alter the line of your jacket. It’s acceptable to angle your lapel pin slightly to the left but it shouldn’t be on its side. The most common style of lapel pin is the stick pin and debate rages on as to whether the bottom of your pin should be left on display or hidden behind the lapel. The truth of the matter is it’s entirely up to you! Hiding the end of the pin is a more classical way to wear, whilst highlighting the end of the pin can add a cool vintage vibe to your look.  For us, smaller pins like our grey bow tie design benefit from a visible pin to add balance and interest.


What to wear with your Lapel Pin

Lapel Pins are so much more than a jacket accessory and the list of outfits that look great with one is almost endless. You can wear a lapel pin with a dinner jacket, work suit or tuxedo for formal occasions or dress up a blazer or waistcoat for outfit interest. You can also wear a lapel pin in a fedora to give your hat a smoother look. You can combine the lapel pin with other accessories such as pocket squares, tie bars, and cufflinks to really polish your look. 


Some of our favorite lapel pin looks

Still not sure about the lapel pin? Our advice is to start with smaller and cleaner designs to build up confidence in this look. You’ll be amazed at the number of compliments this little accessory can generate! 


Until next time, stay dapper and stay blessed! 


W. Dennis

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