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Welcome to the G+Co. Apparel Debonair Style Blog ! Here at G+Co. Apparel (Formerly known as Gentlemen & Co.) we are striving to be the premier accessory subscription box and apparel company "of the world Craig." Founded by myself Terrance Truitt, as a response to negative images associated with men, women and children of color in the media, I chose to launch this platform to continue to show the world that we are more than what is shown in all forms of media. Now lets not go off the deep end here, the company definitely services and works with everyone who's down to help stymie the negative images of our people. So if that's you, we see you ! But in taking a step back as we embark on year two, I certainly have to take the time to thank you the customer, the reader, the partner or the critic, whomever YOU might be, for taking the time to support the brand and for helping us to get better each and every day. If you are new to the brand, welcome to the fold and check out our About Us section to get a more in depth idea of the involvement of our company and our mission, vision, and goals. 
As for this blog, I truly hope you enjoy it. It's aiming to be a fashion guide for those of us balling on a budget, but looking to keep that dope and dapper wardrobe and for the people who might be starting from scratch on this fashion journey or transition to a different look. This blog will pair the professional world and the casual world and feature some coveted and affordable looks for all. But... in full disclosure I'm in no way a fashion designer, but rather a man with a love of looking good, so if you were hoping for a Tom Ford perspective #WrongBlogBro, it'll be closer to the Tommy Ford from Martin perspective(RIP).
So stick around with us on this journey, get some dope tips, comedic relief and the  interesting fashion perspective of my mind and of my business partner Will Dennis, and our partners in the industry. 
Until the next post check out our Men's Subscription Box and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter... PEACE 

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