The Bow Tie Box

Welcome back ! If you have been with us so far I sincerely want to thank you. I'm new at this blogging thing, so I hope you are enjoying reading this as much as I am enjoying writing it.

We have recently released the June 2017 edition of the Noire Style box, and if you've subscribed, read the title of this weeks blog, seen our social media, or not been under a rock in the past week, you've seen its our Bow Tie box. Now the Bow Tie, although having lost it's popularity is most certainly still symbolic of man with style and grace, you know like the one "Who rock grooves and make moves with all the mommies" type (R.I.P Biggie). So with that being said, we here at G+Co. Apparel, wanted to take some time to give you some Bow Tie 101, tips and tricks to keep you looking your best and why the Bow Tie can be a dope alternative to the classic Neck Tie. 

The 3 Types of Bow Ties

1.) The Self Tie - The classic of the 3 types that you'll find out there and the one featured in the 2017 June Noire Style box (Shameless plug). Also referred to as the Freestyle Bow Tie this style comes untied, and is one that you have to tie yourself hence the clever name. Once mastered, the slight asymmetry of the knot formed provides a certain charm that will help anyone stand out from the crowd. As an added and unintended bonus, once untied and hanging around your neck at the end of the night there is a certain debonair charm you can capture to the likes of a fan favorite with the ladies say like an... Idris Elba? (Idris Elba Results May Vary)

2.) The Pre-Tied - If you guessed that this one means that it already comes tied for you... yous right ! While not quite as do it yourself as the self tie, it can offer the perfect knot you may be looking to achieve with an adjustable neck strap. Although you may like not doing the work, there is lost dimension and character associated with the Pre-Tied look. I personally don't recommend the this style, but it can be a great starter for the Bow Tie rookie. 

3.) Clip On - Unless you are an infant... this one gets a really bro ? I can't even bring myself to dignify this one with an explanation since newborns can't read, so let's move on. 

Bow Tie Sizing

A bow tie is a one-size-fits-all affair. With a little practice, any adjustable bow tie should fit any man’s neck. The neck strap on a bow tie should either have an adjustable slider or a hook and holes with pre-marked measurements. To measure your neck length, start by laying a dress shirt with the collar flat on an even surface. With a tape measure, measure in inches all the way around the collar band, starting and ending at the center collar button. This is your neck size. The average neck sizing of a bow tie is 14.5 inches to 17.5 inches. Adjust your bow tie to your neck size and tie it up to see how it feels. It should be snug but not uncomfortably tight.

How to Tie a Bow Tie

Learning how to tie a bow tie is a rite of passage on the journey of true style. I understand that tying a bow can be difficult the first few times and take a few expletives and a glass of Hennessy to master.  So we've tried to make the job a little easier for you with the below depiction.

G+Co. Apparel | Noire Style | How to Tie a Bow Tie 


So there you have it, the basics of the Bow Tie that are short sweet and to the point. There are a million more things I could cover in this blog post, but for the sake of information overload, this should get you started. The Bow Tie is truly a game changing look when worn correctly and crosses gender roles as touted by the beautiful Janelle Monae. Male or female there is no event a Bow Tie doesn't fit. Whether it's an event that's Formal, Semi Formal, Business professional, or just casual, the Bow Tie will be sure to garner compliments and keep you in the spotlight. So be bold and wear it with pride, because your style is truly whatever you imagine it to be. 


Until the next post check out our Men's Subscription Box and as always check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter... PEACE ! 

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